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October_vendor_callApplication to vend at the Toronto Indie Arts Market Fall Fashion Festival to be held at the Gladstone Hotel Ballroom, Saturday, October 18th, 2014 from 10:30am – 4:30pm.

Please complete an application only if you are able to take part on the indicated date.

This event is open to vendors of fashion items (clothing, jewellery and accessories) and body care items (soap, lotions, cosmetics) only.

All items must be handmade by the person running the table. Sorry, no vintage items, mass-manufactured or imported items, resellers, or artisans who operate their own bricks and mortar shops.

Vendors are responsible for obtaining any required Ontario business licenses as well as collecting and remitting appropriate sales taxes on their wares sold.

Please ensure that the following information is accurate and correct – double check URLs, be sure spellings (especially in email addresses) are correct – this information will be used to create your contract, as well as for promotional purposes on the TIAM website.

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Email address for PayPal billing, if different from above. Payment is by PayPal only and if you are selected, will be due no later than September 21st, 2014.

We need to see images of products when selecting vendors. Please provide AT LEAST ONE of the following URLs where we can view samples of your recent work. Applicants who do not provide links to images will not be considered. DO NOT, under any circumstances, send us images of your wares via email, doing so will result in an automatic rejection.

(Note - your URL must include the "http://www" part to work properly. You will receive an error message if you do not include this.)

Your Business Website (if applicable)

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Select the category that most applies to your business. Please be sure you are in the correct category or your application may be misfiled. If your work fits into more than one category, please explain in the description area below.

If you are a garment vendor, please indicate the size range of the items you would bring with you. Preference will be given to garment vendors with the widest range of ready-to-wear size options, from petites to plus sizes.

Briefly describe the product(s) you would bring to TIAM and how they are made.

Please indicate the price range of your items.

Briefly describe your planned table display. TIAM provides the table (possibly ugly) and number of seats only – vendors are responsible for all table coverings and display items. Vendors should also be aware that this is a table-top market – you may NOT place ANY display or signage in front of, beside or behind your table. You may not attach anything, by any means, to any part of the venue. Additional merchandise must fit under your table. We will strictly enforce this rule.

Our venue has a variety of table sizes, and we will do our best to put vendors in their first choice, but cannot guarantee size or location. Tables include the indicated number of seats – you may not add additional seats/persons to your table so please ensure you are booking a big enough spot if you will have someone working at your table with you. Vendors may not share tables or add the work of other artisans to their tables after acceptance.

Your first choice of table size

Your second choice of table size

List any other technical requirements. Note that we will only look at actual technical needs, and will absolutely not accommodate vendor requests for specific spots. If requesting access to an outlet, please indicate what it is for, and note that we will NOT assign spots to accommodate phone charging. Charge it before you come! ALSO ***IMPORTANT*** - a request for hydro access is NOT a guarantee that we will be able to provide it, as only about 1/3 of the space has hydro access. If you absolutely must have lights, we advise bringing battery-powered lights.

List any Toronto-area shops that currently sell your products.

List any other Toronto-area events or shows that you have applied to or have been accepted to for the month of October 2014.

I have fully read and agree to adhere to the details and rules of this application as well as the FAQ and Vendor Schedule elsewhere on this site. I acknowledge that acceptance is based on the information provided in this form.

Thank you for your application. Before hitting send, please review your answers to ensure that all information provided is accurate.

If you receive an error message, please clear your computer's browser history and resubmit the application.

You will receive a confirmation email of this application - if you do not receive an email please contact us ASAP.