If you think talking about the birds and bees was tough, how about talking with your teen about texting? Kids live by their cellphones and some text far more than they have real time conversations with friends. It is an accepted part of the social life of today’s youth, and to be honest, it is becoming part of adult life in the same way.


But the situation for teens is quite different and that’s something you might learn about if you have a teen driver in your home and you get Pennsylvania car insurance quotes from http://pennsylvania-insurance.net/get-pennsylvania-car-insurance-quotes/.


Eleven teenagers die very single day as a result of texting at the wheel.  That is more than 3,000 every single year a staggering number that did not exist 20 years ago.


So if you have one discussion with your teen this year, one serious discussion, let it be about texting while driving.  But if you do, understand this. More than 90 percent of teenaged drivers say they know that texting and driving is a dangerous practice, but more than one third said they did it anyway.  There are similar statistics for adults, so teens are not alone in this kind of counter-intuitive behavior.


But here is the reality. Teen drivers are four times more likely than grownups to be involved in an accident or near-miss when either talking or texting on a mobile phone. Even worse, some 21 percent of teen drivers in fatal accidents were distracted by their mobile telephones.


But texting isn’t the only distraction.  Inexperienced teen drivers can’t handle distractions as well. A teenaged driver who has a single passenger doubles hir or her risk of a fatal car crash. If they have more than one passenger, they are five times as likely to be in a fatal accident.


Kids feel that nothing can hurt them, that they are invincible. They are just too young to understand that one careless moment can change their life and that of another forever. That innocence is their charm, but it also is what puts them at risk.


The idea that they or someone else could be killed by a few seconds of texting strikes fear into every parent’s heart.


These are accidents that did not have to happen. Kids need to be educated and they need to understand the risks in texting at the wheel. Can you prevent your teen from such an accident by having a heart- to heart talk about the subject?