Finding homeowners insurance in the state of Illinois is not a difficult thing to do if you visit someone like, but figuring out exactly what type of insurance you need, and how much coverage is necessary for you, is the difficult part.  There are a lot of insurance agencies which will sell you a policy, but how do you choose the right one?  Here are three easy steps to keep in mind:


  1. Figure out exactly what type of insurance you need.  Knowing your home and understanding the risks to it is the first step in finding the homeowners insurance that is right for you.  If you were to live in an area that is prone to earthquakes, but don’t have earthquake insurance, you could be in for a very rough time, should disaster strike. Likewise, in Illinois, you should learn about the types of risks that you face in whichever area you live, whether it’s tornadoes, fires, flooding or any other type of accidents, these factors can help you decide how much insurance to carry for your home.
  2. When you face a disaster with your home, it’s not just the building itself that is damaged or destroyed.  There are a lot of items in your home that can be damaged in the process too.  A great example is in the event of a fire.  Water damage from fighting the fire can cause as much damage to personal property as the fire itself.  If you live in a condo or apartment building, water from a fire in another unit can leak into yours, causing damage, when you weren’t even involved.  Having contents insurance on your belongings can help you replace things after major damage.  It won’t help you with those irreplaceable things like family photos, but it can certainly help soften the blow.
  3. Shopping around with different companies is important.  Do on-line research, read reviews and talk to agents.  Speaking directly with an agent is useful because they know what questions to ask you, and tricks to help you get better coverage and rates on your home. Ask them questions about things such as savings for non-smoking households, or new homes.  This will also help you to see how the company and its agents deal directly with their customers.


Having the right insurance for your home is an important part of life, and keeping these three steps in mind will help you in the unfortunate event of a disaster.