Monthly Archives: February 2013

Get On the Mailing List

Hands up, who thinks there are too many ways to keep in touch these days? Websites, Facebook, Twitter… we’ve got all of those but we’ve also set up a couple of mailing lists so those who like their news via email can get it that way.

For vendors or potential vendors, please join our Vendor News Mailing List for details on upcoming markets, calls for vendors, deadlines, etc.

Everyone else should add themselves to our General Mailing List to keep informed about details for the upcoming market.

Looking forward to sending you all the news about what we’re doing and how you can get involved.

A Note for Vendor Applicants on Categories

Since our goal is to have the available wares at TIAM be as diverse as possible, we’ve divided the types of products vendors might sell into “categories”. Vendors who typically vend at a  regular craft fair might not think to categorize their products beyond that, but for our purposes, especially since we have limited number of tables **per category** (50 tables total, 10 each in 5 different categories) it is really important for vendors to choose the category that most closely describes their products.

Category details can be found here.

Incoming applications are being sorted via an email filter based on whatever you choose as your category. So if you are an artisan who makes fashion accessories but choose “Arts and Crafts” instead of “Fashion” as your category, it is a possibility that we might miss your application when sorting through the Fashion applicants to choose who will get to take part in the market.

To ensure your application doesn’t get misfiled – and ultimately, passed over – we ask that all vendors ensure they’re choosing the correct category when completing the application.


Vendor Application Form is Now Online

We apologize for the delay but the vendor application form for the Toronto Indie Arts Market is now online.

Vendors – please read the FAQ and information about vendor categories before submitting an application.

If you have questions when applying, or if the form is acting up, please contact us for clarification.

Also, please note that space for each vendor category is limited to roughly 10 vendors, for a total of 50 vendors for the whole event. Anyone not selected will be placed on a waiting list in case of cancellation. In the case where we do not have enough vendors in a particular category, we will select vendors from the waiting lists of other categories to fill the spaces.

We’re excited to hear from you all! Please send in your applications by February 15th!