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The Hows and Whys – What Compelled the Creation of the Toronto Indie Arts Market

If you read the About page on this site, you’ve seen a brief list of the many projects I (Sheryl) and my partner Greg have been involved in over the past 20 years. In addition to writing, blogging, and editing, as well as producing and promoting concerts, we’ve also published zines, ran a record label, and I even did a stint as a crafter, making and selling purses until my carpal tunnel syndrome threatened to require surgery.

We are confident that we know the world of event organizing and promotion, as well as most of the various aspects of the music biz, the indie writing and publishing arena, and even the world of crafts and craft shows. We’ve done it all over the years.

But our real impetus for creating the Toronto Indie Arts Market was the frustration we felt at not being able to find a place to sell our creations (right now, that’s books), and the frustration we saw in other people who are in the same situation. An explanation, then, of how it all came about and what we hope to achieve, over at the blog of our publishing imprint Stained Pages Press.


Almost Ready!

We’re waiting to confirm a few final details about the venue, but the Toronto Indie Arts Market is pretty much ready to launch. Out first market will take place on Saturday, April 13th, and we’re expecting 50+ vendors. Entry will be $5, with $2 from each admission donated to a local charity.

Calls for vendors will take place later this week.